1. Summary


Summary page aggregates your campaigns in a single view so you can monitor all your activity at once.

Users are able to view details for all their campaigns simultaneously without the need to select an individual campaign.

summary title


This tab displays your campaign settings and real-time metrics. Click on Live Calls, Pending Calls/SMS, Campaign Statuses, Logout All Users, and View Campaigns are all accessible in this tab.


  1. Filter Options:
    Users can view all the campaigns available in their system or filter them based on their active, paused or inactive status.
  2. Modify Campaign:
    Click on image2019-7-8 3_40_40 next to the campaign name to open the modifying campaign screen.
  3. Campaign Status: 
    A campaign may be Active, Paused, or Inactive. To change the campaign status, click on one of the following buttons:
    • Play image2019-7-8 3_46_29 To Activate
    • Pause image2019-7-8 3_46_47 To Pause
    • Stop image2019-7-8 3_47_10 To Inactivate
    • A red button indicates the current status of the campaign. The following example shows that the campaign is currently active. The status is also shown to the right of the buttons as seen below:
      image2019-7-8 3_52_3-1
    • The Schedule_icon icon represents the Campaign Scheduler feature. The button will turn red if the campaign has an active schedule which means it will automatically start or stop at a future date/time.
  4. Live Calls:
    Clicking on Live Calls will open the View Live Calls screen and their status, campaign, phone number, duration, call type, and priority.
  5. Pending Calls:
    Clicking on Pending Calls will open a screen displaying all the numbers that are about to be dialed along with account ID, Lead ID, List, Phone Number, State, Status, Count and GMT details.
  6. Campaign Statuses:
    Clicking on Campaign Statuses will open a screen displaying all the call statuses for leads associated with the campaign.
  7. Logout All Users:
    Logout All Users option allows you to log out all agent users in this campaign. By clicking on this button, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your choice.
  8. Campaign Settings & Real-time Metrics:
    Campaign settings and real-time metrics are shown in this section. You can customize the metrics shown for each campaign by clicking the image2019-5-30 4_4_47 icon in the top right corner and selecting a different set of metrics to display.


The Agents tab will show every agent logged into all the system campaigns. It will also show real-time Active Calls, Calls in Progress, Live Calls, and Calls in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call metrics. A summary of every agent's status can also be seen.

Learn More About Agents and Active Call Charts



This tab displays all your live campaign calls in one place. Any call connected with a live person or an answering machine is considered a live call.

live campaign calls


Queue Stats tab provides a summary of all your system queues along with real-time metrics for each.

queue stats

  • Queue:
    Review the total calls, dropped calls, and answered calls for the day.
  • Hold Time Status:
    Review the average hold time for all calls, dropped calls, and answered calls.


Live Inbound Calls lists all the live inbound calls that are currently active on your Purchased DIDs

live inbound calls

  • Inbound DID:
    Your DCDial phone number that the caller dialed.
  • DID Description:
    A description of the number that is listed in your DID Manager.
  • CID Name:
    The caller ID name of the caller.
  • CID Number:
    The caller ID number of the caller.
  • Account ID:
    The Account ID associated with the caller or lead that was called.
  • Call Status:
    The current status of the call.
  • Destination:
    The routing destination of your number. DCDial phone numbers can be routed to an agent, queue, IVR, or an external number.
  • Duration:
    The total call duration.