1. Text Messages

Text Messages

Learn how to use the SMS Conversations window

If you are running an SMS Broadcast, your leads can reply to the SMS message/s you send to them. However, before you start receiving SMS replies and engaging in conversation with your customers, you need to enable two-way SMS on the Modify DID page.

You can view the replies through the SMS conversation window. To open this window, click on the  icon on the System Notifications bar. If there are new text messages, you will see a number next to the  icon corresponding to the number of unread text messages.

Please Note: You can also export the SMS messages in bulk or individually by accessing the SMS Conversation Report in the Reports tab.

The following details are available in the text messaging conversation window: Select Campaign, Write New Message, Search Contacts, Contact and Text Details, Lead Options, Add Contact, and Settings.


  • Select Campaign
    You can filter the text messages received by the campaign by clicking on the drop-down next to 'Select Campaign.'

Please Note: If you are unable to see the desired campaign, check your 'Allowed Campaigns' in the Teams menu.

  • Filter Messages
    Select whether you want to see only read, unread, or all messages by clicking on the 2022-06-07_21-20-43 icon.
  • Write New Message
    You can send individual text messages by clicking on the  icon. A new text messaging screen will appear in the middle. Enter the number and your message. You can attach the payment link by clicking on the  icon. Click on  to send the message.
  • Search Contacts
    You can filter the text messages received by using the 'Search contacts' box to find a reply from a specific contact or lead.
  • Contact and Text Details
    When you receive a response to a text message sent individually or via SMS Broadcast, it will appear on the top of the text messaging conversation window.
    • The lead's name will appear, along with the phone number, date, and time when the message was received.
    • Click on the contact details to view the text response. Your original message will appear along with the lead's response.
    • To reply, type your message and click on  to send. Click on  to attach the payment link.
  • Lead Options
    Click on the three dots on the top right of the screen to access the lead options. There are five options available:
    • Modify Lead: The modify lead screen will open, where you can modify lead details.
    • Block Number: If the user clicks on 'Block Number', the system will block any incoming SMS from that phone number system-wide.
    • Add to DNC: The lead's phone number will be added to the do-not-call list.

If the number was blocked or added to the DNC list, DCDial will add the 2022-06-07_20-54-43 icon next to the contact's name.

Please note: the 'Send' box is disabled for numbers added to the DNC list. 


    • Download Conversation: This allows you to download or save the conversation on your device.
    • Archive Conversation: This allows you to archive the conversation.
  • Add Contact
    If the lead who sent the text message is not added to any list, you can add the lead by clicking on 'Add Contact.' The 'Add Lead' window will open, where you can type in the First Name and Last Name. The Phone Number is automatically populated. Use the drop-down to select the List where you want the lead to be added. Use the drop-down menu to select the Phone Type.
  • Settings

    Click on 'Settings' to open the campaign details page.

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