This page provides help with the most common questions about DCDial.

How much do I pay per minute/text with DCDial?

  • The price that you pay per minute/text depends on your subscription plan. DCDial offers its customers 9 different plans with flexible pricing. The more you use – the less you pay! One minute/text with DCDial can cost as low as 0.8 cents if you choose our high-volume plan called Everything. On the other hand, the maximum amount that our customers pay per minute/text is 5 cents under the On-Demand plan which has no monthly fee. Affordability is our priority, so you can choose the plan that fits your business needs best.

What is the best browser for the app?

  • You can choose any browser according to your preferences as DCDial is fully compatible with all internet browsers. However, we suggest using Google Chrome.

What file extension works with DCDial?

  • DCDial works with Excel (.xlsx) and CSV (.csv) files. Additionally, generated reports can be exported in a text (.txt) format.

How many users can the system accommodate?

  • You can add an unlimited number of users to your account.
Can I customize the voice messages for broadcast campaigns?
  • Absolutely! For your convenience, we created a wide variety of system audios that can be used in voice broadcast campaigns. However, you can always upload your own audio files or use our TTS option to create unique voice messages to match your business needs.
Do we need to install DCDial on our computer?
  • No, it is a cloud-based application. To start using DCDial, you only have to ensure a good internet connection and log into your account at our website.
Do we need two systems if we have two offices?
  • No, since we offer a cloud-based application, you can access it from anywhere! Log into the same system from hundreds of different locations, run multiple campaigns at once and manage the work of several offices by using a single DCDial system. However, if you prefer to keep them completely independent from each other, we can help you to set up separate accounts.
Do we get charged for disconnected, busy, or invalid calls?
  • No, you only pay for the connected calls as they are billed in thirty-second increments, from pickup to hang-up. You do not pay anything for calls that aren't connected.

Can I schedule the campaign to start at a specific time?

  • Yes, you can use our campaign scheduler tool to automatically start and stop your campaign at a set time. Moreover, with the Campaign Scheduler, you can set the frequency with which the campaign should recur and define the time when recurrence should end.

How many lines can each user dial out on?

  • There are no limitations on the number of lines each user can dial at once. The number of lines is set according to your company’s specific needs and can be scaled on demand.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns that I can run at the same time?

  • No, you can run an unlimited amount of campaigns at once.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan if my needs change?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time to better match your business needs! If you choose to upgrade your plan, you can select whether to do it immediately or wait until the new billing cycle starts. After you upgrade a plan, the new rates will take effect right away. In case you choose to downgrade your plan, it will automatically take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. Until then, you will be billed according to your current plan.

Do my credits expire?

Yes, they do. Any unused minutes or text messages that you get according to your plan expire at the end of the billing cycle. However, any additional funds added to your account do not expire and roll over to the next billing cycle unless used during a current one.

What can I do if I run out of credit before the renewal time?

  • No worries, you can always add funds to your account and successfully continue running your campaigns. To do that, go to the Billing page and press the ‘Add Funds’ button. If you wish to avoid the possibility of running out of credit, enable the auto-refill option and we will charge your card automatically once your account balance reaches a preset threshold. Another option to continue running your campaigns when you reach 0 account balance is to upgrade your plan. This will allow you to continue calling with better per minute/text rates, according to the plan you select.

Can I get a number of an area code other than mine?

  • Yes! We offer regional caller IDs to ensure your number is showing up as a local number.

Which states am I able to call using DCDial?

  • You can call any of the 48 continental states, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Why did my payment fail?

  • There can be several factors, but a common one is that all or part of the address you gave us during billing does not match the address your bank has on file for your credit card. Thus, the address verification system rejected the transaction.

Can DCDial integrate with my CRM?

  • Yes, definitely! You can integrate your CRM with our system by using the API tool.

Does DCDial offer a referral program?

  • Yes, please refer to our Affiliate Partner page or email us directly at [email protected] to learn more about it.

Does DCDial offer annual billing options for monthly plans?

  • Yes, choosing our annual billing option automatically grants you a 20% discount while purchasing a plan.

Can direct inward dialing (DIDs) be used for SMS?

  • Yes. However, only the DIDs purchased from DCDial can be used to send and receive SMS.

How do I upload numbers to DCDial?

  • You can upload numbers from your computer using Microsoft Excel or comma-separated value (CSV) files. You can also use our list load automation to automatically upload your numbers into DCDial. Instructions on how to do so can be found under our help files or you can contact our customer support representative.

What equipment do I need to use DCDial?

  • You’ll need a computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection to log into your account, and then any phone or our softphone to conduct a dial session. A headset is helpful (and generally appreciated by your head and neck) but not mandatory.

Can remote teams use DCDial?

  • Certainly. We enable you to have a convenient setup and work processes that fully facilitate remote environments.

How long does it take to set up?

  • You can import contacts, add users and start your first dial session in minutes. Customizing your account with pre-recorded voice messages, email templates, agent scripts, and other workflow shortcuts takes additional time, but will yield further increases in efficiency and sales potential.

Do I need a dedicated server to use DCDial?

  • No. We fully host all services, eliminating any need for expensive, bulky equipment and cutting out any costly maintenance expenses.

Are there any setup or consultation fees?

  • No, we offer straightforward month-to-month pricing with no hidden costs. All of the support and guidance are completely free and always there for you!

Can I try DCDial for free?

Yes, schedule a demo with us and we will be happy to walk you through our system and grant you a free trial opportunity. 

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