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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions regarding the DCDial Billing system.

How billing at DCDial works

DCDial offers different types of billing plans. Your per-minute rate for calls and texts is billed at different rates depending on the plan you select. We offer a standard 'On-Demand Plan' as well as several tiered plans. Below you will find an overview of how billing works.

Charges are deducted from the credit balance in your DCDial account. This means that you are never charged any startup fees; you are only charged for what you use. As you use DCDial’s products, credits will be gradually deducted from your overall DCDial balance.

Please note that purchasing numbers requires initial and recurring credit card payments, though any calls or texts related to these numbers are still deducted from your credit balance on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You must maintain a positive balance to use DCDial’s services; you will not be able to launch a campaign or use purchased numbers if your balance is $0.

How to view your balance

Whenever you are logged in, you can view your current usage and available balance by clicking on your name and selecting 'Current Usage.'

You can also view your balance and detailed usage on the 'Billing' tab -> 'Plan Usage'.

Adding credits to your account

To add credits to your DCDial account, please refer to the 'Adding Credits' and 'Purchasing Phone Numbers' sections.

Viewing your billing records and printing receipts

To view how you have been billed for your DCDial usage please refer to the 'Credit Usage' section.

Payment settings - saving a credit card

DCDial allows you to save one or more credit cards. For more information, please see Payment Settings.

Paying by ACH or wire transfer

DCDial accepts both ACH and Wire Transfers for payment. Please contact us if you would like to use one of these payment methods.

Wire Transfers can be sent to:

Palm Labs LLC

3423 Piedmont Rd

Atlanta, GA 30305

Wells Fargo Bank

Routing: 061000227

Account: 9819232845

Billing plans

DCDial offers different types of billing plans. Your per-minute rate for calls and texts is billed at different rates depending on the plan you select. We offer a standard On-Demand plan as well as several tiered plans. Each plan has specific per-minute/text billing rates and special rates for phone numbers. The higher the plan, the lower the rates will be.

The credit available from your plan is valid for the billing cycle only. Any unused minutes expire at the end of the cycle. Also, please note that your plan’s per-minute/text billing rate is also applied to any purchased credit.

DCDial’s Billing Plans are dynamic and they are frequently being improved and expanded. Click here to see a list of current plans.

What happens if I call over my allowance?

If your account balance reaches $0, your calls and texts will stop. Maintaining a positive balance is necessary in order to start a campaign and receive calls through purchased numbers. You will need to log into your account and add additional credit. If you have enabled the auto-refill option, we can charge your card automatically and replenish your credit once your account balance reaches a preset threshold.

Another option is to upgrade your plan. This will allow you to continue calling with better per-minute/text rates, according to the plan you select.

Negative account balances

It can happen. You receive a notification from DCDial that your account balance has fallen below $0. How is that possible? To answer that, we first need to explain how DCDial sends out your calls and texts. Most users want their messages to be delivered as quickly as possible, so the DCDial system "grabs" a large selection of phone numbers, let's say 500 or so, and calls them all at the same time. As the calls are in progress, we deduct usage from your account balance, but we can never know how long each call will last. Certain calls can last much longer than others, and these will cost more. Now when that batch of 500 calls has been completed, the DCDial system attempts to grab the next 500 numbers, but it checks your balance first. If it is at $0 or in the negative, the campaign will stop. Additionally, DCDial will never disconnect a call in progress. You will always be able to finish your conversation, even if the call costs more than your available credits.

You can protect yourself and keep this from happening by setting up an auto-refill feature that will fund your account if the balance falls below a predefined threshold. You will find that setting on the 'Payments Settings' tab.

Changing your plan

You can modify your plan anytime using the 'Change Plan' link.

If you decide to upgrade, you can select whether to upgrade your plan immediately or wait until the new billing cycle starts. If you decide to upgrade at the end of your current cycle, the new rates will not take effect until the plan is changed. If you upgrade immediately, the new plan rates will take effect immediately. Please note that any credit from your previous or current plan will still expire at the end of your current billing cycle.

If you downgrade your plan, it will automatically take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. Until then, you will continue to be billed at your current plan rate.

Plan changes that take effect at the end of the billing cycle with be added to your Order page as a ‘Pending’ order and will update once the plan change is complete. If you have a pending plan change, an ‘i’ icon will appear next to your billing cycle dates letting you know of pending plan changes. 

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