Advanced Campaigns Settings

Learn more about the advanced campaigns settings

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the dashboard to access the advanced settings. Here you can access and modify the Schedule (Campaign Scheduler), Lead Filter, Time Zone Strategy, Call Status Strategy, and State Dialing Strategy.

  • arrow Schedule
Allows you to automate when a campaign automatically starts and stops. This feature is useful if the user is not available to start the campaign manually, or if a shift change will occur while the campaign is live. If a Broadcast Campaign is being run during a shift change, and staffing levels are about to change, the Campaign Scheduler can be pre-scheduled by date and time to create a Dialing Strategy that accurately reflects staffing levels.

  • Lead Filter Strategy Lead Filter
Select the Lead Filter Strategy to use for the campaign. The Lead Filter Strategy allows users to manage which of the contact numbers will be dialed first.

  • arrow Time Zone Strategy
Click on the icon to open the time zone map. You will get an overview of which time zones are enabled. Use the drop-down to select the Time Zone Strategy to use for the campaign. Each time zone can be assigned a specific contact schedule and you can set which phone types can be contacted.
  • arrow Call Status Strategy
Select the Call Status Strategy to use for the campaign. Depending on the status of the call, you can set the maximum contact attempt and the interval time between calls.

  • arrow State Dialing Strategy
Select the State Dialing Strategy to use for the campaign. You can set whether the state can be dialed or not, contact schedule, TTS and answering messages to use, and which phone types can be contacted.


Click on the campaign scheduler icon to create a new schedule or view, edit, or delete an existing schedule. Once you open the Campaign Scheduler, double-click on the times slots screen to create a new schedule. When done, click on 'Save' to submit.

Create New Schedule

  • Description
A description of the campaign schedule.

  • Campaigns

Select a campaign where the scheduler will be applied.

  • Lists

Click on the box and you will see the Lists attached to this Campaign. Select the Lists you want to activate

  • Lines

For campaigns with voice dial mode, select the number of lines that will be activated with the campaign.

  • Sending Rate

For SMS Broadcast, select the number of text messages that will be sent per minute.

  • Repeat Event

Enable the repeat event option to set the campaign schedule to recur. Select the schedule accordingly.

  • Time Period

Select the time and date when the schedule will start and end.

View and Modify Existing Schedule

Open the Campaign Scheduler and click on the existing schedule. The following options will appear:


Click to view the details of the schedule/event. You will be redirected to the Modify Campaign Schedule screen where you can make necessary changes. When done, click Save.


Click to modify the description of the schedule/event.


Click to delete the schedule/event.

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