SMS Broadcast

SMS broadcast campaign allows you to broadcast dynamic text messages to your leads. Text messages can be used to send reminders, alerts, surveys, payment links, and more.


For the SMS Broadcast campaign, the following settings are accessible from the Dashboard:

  • Сontact schedule

The Contact Schedule delimits a time frame to send SMS to your contacts based on their local time zone. If your Contact Schedule is set from 10 am – 8 pm and the lead's local time is 8 am EST, then DCDial will not send an SMS to that lead until their local time is 10 am EST.

  • Caller ID

the number that appears on your customer's phone when you message them.

  • SMS Template (SMS)

Select the SMS Template that will be used for an SMS Broadcast campaign. Go to the SMS settings to create or modify SMS Templates. Click on the eye icon eye_icon to preview the template.

  • Sending Rate 

The number of SMS messages sent per minute.

For more information about running a campaign, advanced settings, and real-time campaign metrics, see this article: Dashboard.

You can view live SMS metrics in the Summary section below:

  • Sent: The number of text messages sent.
  • Undelivered: The number of text messages that failed to send.
  • Delivered: The number of text messages that were delivered and received.
  • Replied: The number of text message replies received.

Test SMS: To send a Test SMS, click on the button and enter the phone number you wish to send the test message. Click on “Send test SMS” to proceed.

SMS Stats chart

The number of sent, delivered, undelivered, and replied SMS over time.

For more information about charts, please see this article.

Please Note: You can view the text replies in the SMS Conversation Window.

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